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Khady Lusby, Founder of OPEN International
Mint growing in the school’s field
Students group at College Adja Penda Ba
One of the two original classrooms at the school

What is open international?

Khady Lusby, started the non-profit organization to give back to the village where she grew up in Nioro, Senegal. In 2009, OPEN International opened a middle school, College Adja Penda Ba (APB), with the goal of giving girls a chance to continue their formal education close to home. Since it's inception, APB has grown from one classroom to a two-story, 12+ classroom school. Thanks to our generous donors, APB is now co-ed and features an elementary program as well as a high school program, a library, computer lab, and a breakfast program to feed the children who can't afford breakfast otherwise.



To provide quality education for children and young adults that will help them achieve economic empowerment. We offer students the academic opportunities that prepare them for higher education and equip them with marketable skills for the workplace.



Our vision is to create a positive learning environment that leads students to higher education and self-sufficiency.


History of Open International

2009 OPEN International opens Adja Penda Ba (APB) School

2011 APB grows to a two-story, 12-classroom school

2012 APB opens its Early Education Program (EEP)

2017 The first-ever EEP class graduates

2020 Due to COVID-19, APB holds school during summer months for the first time everHistory of OPEN International


Meet our students

Meet Ndèye: Before receiving sponsorship through OPEN International, Ndèye had learned how to recite the alphabet, count, and perform basic math -- but only by emulating her friends and relatives who were fortunate enough to attend school. Now, with the help of her OPEN International sponsor, her educational reach has grown tremendously.

Meet Khadija Seck: Khadija is an outstanding 5th Grade student at adja Penda Ba (APB) who received a "Prix D'Excellence" from the Senegalese Department of Education in 2020. She is standing between two proud APB teachers


OPEN International | 5925 10th Road North | Arlington, Virginia 22205

Open International is a 501c 3 tax-exempt non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Virginia. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law under U.S. IRS tax codes. (EIN #80 - 0525263). One hundred percent of donations go towards improving College Adja Penda Ba, and the children of the Nioro area